Monday, January 15, 2007

Atlanta Man Sues Recycling Giant, Waste Management, for Being Racist

Atlanta, GA - Lamarr Johnson, an African American resident of Atlanta is suing the company Waste Management for being racist. According to legal documents filed by Johnson and his lawyer, David Manischewitz, the company routinely attempts to segregate elements of its business. "Every day I went into work I had to see signs on bins that said 'White Paper Only'. It's wrong." said a distraught Johnson. Manischewitz had the following comments: "We will not accept this behavior from companies. This is the year 2007, not 1807. Segregation is wrong in any form."

A spokesman from Waste Management, Inc. told reporters that they are "taking this case very seriously." Then he turned his head and snickered for two full minutes. After regaining his composure he went on to explain that the company recycles white paper separately because it can be made into more paper, as opposed to other types of paper, cardboard, etc. that can only be recycled into other products such as ceiling tiles and insulation. This statement caused many protesters gathered around to boo and start chants of "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Recycling has got to go!"

A court date is set for April the 17th, but speculators are saying that a settlement could be reached by late February.

For an example of the signs in question, check

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